“Vision Dream Technology” Announces Debut of AuraSMS

Malaysia, Pulau Pinang – September 11, 2012 – Vision Dream Technology (http://www.visiondream.net.my), a nationwide e-commerce and customized solutions provider, announced the debut of their new online SMS service, AuraSMS (http://www.aurasms.com ). AuraSMS (http://www.aurasms.com), is an online 2-in-1 business SMS tool that provides businesses the ease, convenient and the most affordable way of communicating to their customers.

“AuraSMS ties the knot for businesses who want bulk SMS as well as premium SMS (or sometimes called 2-way SMS). It provides a full end to end marketing communication tool” said Pon, general manager of Vision Dream Technology. “How is it a full end to end communication tool, you may ask? Firstly, those marketing teams who already have existing contacts can actually run their marketing campaign directly by sending bulk SMS to their customers to notify them about their product launches or promotions. Secondly, for those marketing teams who do not have existing contact base may utilize the premium or 2way SMS during their campaign to gather customers’ contacts; and use the bulk SMS tool to communicate to the collected contacts in the next campaign. So it is a full cycle from contact collection to communication.” Pon continued “Best of all, it is on pay-as-you-go and profit sharing basis. We want to make it in such a way that anyone, everyone can do this!”

Vision Dream Technology, founded in 2008 and headquartered in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, provides several significant solutions and online services in the e-commerce sector. Their customers ranged from electronics, energy saving, testing and measurement to telecommunication industries as well as government sector. Their solutions includes

  1. End to End E-Commerce Consultation (Asp.Net)
  2. Paperless Solution Consultation (Free/Paid)
  3. Mobile Marketing Solution
  4. Website SEO Consultation (Free)
  5. Affiliate Marketing Consultation
  6. Domain and Hosting Services