Premium SMS

Premium SMS solution is an interactive (two-way) SMS solution, or sometimes called Reverse Billing. Mobile phone users can request for a particular service and receive a response accordingly. With premium SMS solutions, mobile phone users can stay connected to the sources of information they want to receive like stock prices, soccer scores, latest event time/date, latest promotions from their favorite brands, etc.

For business owners, their marketing team may use Premium SMS to run campaigns and to recruit more fans/customers or even record early-bird registrations. At AuraSMS, our solution allows business owners or marketing teams to choose their own keywords which are most appropriate to their campaigns and customize the response message that meets the business needs.


What can premium SMS do for your business? 

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  • Online Contest
  • SMS Voting
  • Member Verification (forum, portals)
  • Information Services (Horoscope, Soccer Scores)



What do we offer?

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  • No monthly charges
  • No setup fee
  • Connected Telcos: (Maxis, Digi, Celcom)
  • One Free Shortcode
  • One Free Main Keyword (Dedicated)
  • Free Unlimited Sub-Keywords
  • Online Management Panel
  • Direct deposit to your local bank in Malaysia after gateway and telco deduction.





Sign up and try our free sub-keyword as long as you want. Only upgrade or purchase when you need more.




  • 1. Currently, our Premium SMS / Short Code is opened for Malaysian only.
  • 2. Check out: ShortCode Profit Sharing Table
  • 3. Alternatively, you may try out our FREE Sub-Keyword Premium SMS, here.